Standard PCI DSS Employee Screening Package.
The recommendation for compliance consists of; confirming employment with two previous employers, a criminal records check (level dictated by position and responsibility) and also a credit check. As well as providing the standard compliance package, PCI Screening can also offer you a number of additional services to suit your needs.

Employment History Check
We will personally contact the previous two employers to confirm the employment of the staff member. We will also confirm the dates of employment and the position held, along with references, if required (see personal reference checks below).
Criminal Records Check
Typically this will be a Basic Level Disclosure from the Disclosure Scotland, however some positions may require a higher level of check depending on their role and responsibilities within the organisation.
Credit Check
The final check is a full financial summary showing current credit status, CCJ′s and confirmation of current address.
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Additional checks available
In addition to the standard PCIDSS compliance screening package, PCI Screening also offers a number of services suited to pre-employment vetting of staff. These are…

Education & Qualifications
We retrieve verification of professional qualifications or licences and confirmation of the two most recent education institutions; being either Higher, Further or Secondary Education.

DVLA Check
PCI Screening is directly registered with the DVLA to deliver driving licence verification, this includes a full history attached to the licence. Details will be given of any points accumulated on the licence and information relating to any offences committed.

Personal Reference Checks
By contacting the referees personally, we are able to get confirmation that the recommendations were actually made by the person stated. Typically these are carried out in conjunction with Employment History Checks and can be carried out on as many or as few referees as required.
Residency Checks
Using resources including the electoral register, we are able to confirm the applicant′s full address history for a period of 1, 3 or 5 years.

Civil Court Background Checks
By investigating court records we are able to produce any court rulings against the individual in question, this will include any County Court judgements.

Identification Checks
Using relevant sources such as the UK Border Agency, the DVLA, as well as various embassies and consulates, we are able to identify genuine identification documents from those which may be fraudulent, giving you peace of mind and assurance. This also includes European ID cards.